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On-site Electronic Surveying & Re-inspections.

Employees and system users will choose the hardware medium that would include IOS and Android Operating Devices such as (Ipads, iPhones, Tablets, Etc.).

Automation of the entire business processes.

Utilizing the latest Technological Platforms, Automating an interactive content management system with multiple other platforms, at each stage of the planning & design phase Digital Flare will transform the communication of the API’s to fit with the business flow, by doing so, companies will cut the slack time and enhance the operation to drive outstanding results in gaining bigger market shares.

Complete Automation of Report Production.

Reports that must be submitted within a certain time frame throughout the working day, will be uploaded to the cloud as a Word or PDF format with Team Members, Due Dates, Specific Notes, Images and Specific Criteria Automatically Assigned to the Cloud-Based Content Managment System.

A New Zeland Based Company.

Digital Flare utilizes the technology industry when it comes to helping people reach their Business Automation Goals. A New Zealand based company that works alongside multiple industries & various sectors operating locally within Christchurch.

Services that we offer.

We offer a multitude of services that drive productivity, grows your business, saves you time and money. Digital Flare main aim is to help New Zealand based or international clients excel beyond their competition, enjoy the power of Business Automation and gain better Market Shares.