ESNZL - Autmoation

Digitization & Automation in the workplace

Environmental Services New Zealand Limited (ESNZL) is a Christchurch owned and operated asbestos removal company were seeking a digital company in Christchurch to carry out development to their current systems.

Digital Flare was contracted out to digitize ESNZL operations, documentation, organize data capture for their paperwork and establish a system that would suit 30-40 staff members.

Working alongside Mattew Wheelans and his team was an absolute pleasure and a beauty for the first project we take on.

so what did we do?

our first task was to sign the company up to all the required systems at a cost-effective solution to enhance the day to day operation, given it is a high-risk construction company where they carry out very dangerous work so their H&S system needed to reflect the work they do.

firstly we signed the organization up to the required platforms (Automation, Data capture, cloud storage & CMS) secondly, integrating the API’s of all the systems for a custom tailored solution.

We used Zapier integrate it with a data capture platform I-Auditor, Google Drive (cloud storage) & Trello Content Managment System (CMS).

Digital Flare managed to convert over 23 forms to capture data digitally uploading to the cloud as pdf with staff members assigned 10 minutes later after filling out the forms on the I-pads.

managed to design a system to display current projects. through 2 clicks can see any project enhancing communication to staff members in the smartest way possible.

The success of the system implementation, we got recommended to service two more companies directly working with ESNZL.